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Air Compressor Rentals

Changed production plans or increased demand can affect production efficiency. When that happens, Comp-Air Service Co. offers a large fleet of reliable, well-maintained rental equipment to keep your operation running. Our expert technicians can recommend the best rental systems to fit your application, industry, and needs. 

When to Rent an Air Compressor

Whether you own an air compressor or are adding a compressor system into your operation for the first time, renting is always an option. A few factors can help you determine if renting an air compressor is right for you. 

Available Compressors for Rent

Renting an air compressor is an easy and cost-effective way of using compressed air. Comp-Air Service Co. rentals are available for pickup or delivery 24 hours a day. We offer daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly rental rates with single, double, or triple shifts. 

Equipment available for rent: 

Comp-Air Service Co. has you covered if you need to rent an air compressor system or guidance in the design and installation of your system. 

Contact us today to request a rental quote. 

Air Compressor Rental

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