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TAEevo Tech Air-Cooled Chillers

Explore innovation in industrial cooling with TAEevo TECH chillers – sleek, compact units meticulously designed for versatile use across various industries. Fitted with hermetic scroll compressors and featuring an ingenious finned pack evaporator housed within the hydraulic storage tank, these chillers redefine efficiency.

The dual-frequency version  integrates an expansive technical suite, enhancing the standard unit to ensure a secure and repeatable production process. This not only saves you money but also contributes to environmental sustainability.

With wide operating limits, TAEevo TECH chillers adapt effortlessly to pressurized hydraulic circuits or atmospheric pressure settings. The multitude of versions and optional features places TAEevo TECH chillers at the pinnacle of their category, offering unparalleled application versatility and a remarkable level of reliability.

Discover the ultimate solution for process applications demanding high performance, continuous operation, and cost reduction – TAEevo TECH stands as the epitome of efficiency and reliability. Elevate your industrial processes with a cooling solution that goes beyond expectations.

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