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MD Series


MD Series modular membrane compressed air dryers were developed to complement our stable of industry leading refrigeration, adsorption and filtration technologies.

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Membrane dryers use a bundle of tiny tubular fibers that let fast gases like water vapor permeate through the tube wall to be swept away into the ambient. Our membrane fiber technology features multiple strands to form a continuous microscopic sieve that targets and removes “fast gases” like water molecules as a vapor. Pressure dew points from +50°F to -40°F are achieved by balancing the model size, air pressure and volume (scfm) requirements to the application.

Through the process of selective permeation, water vapor is removed while leaving the gas composition intact. Each membrane bundle is comprised of multiple tubular membrane fibers, evenly spaced to provide maximum surface area in a compact design. Each helically wrapped layer alternates direction to ensure consistent cross-sectional density and large flow paths for the sweep air that carries the water vapor to atmosphere. No oxygen is lost, which makes these ideal for medical applications.

  • Dew points to -40°F
  • Inside-to-outside permeation for greater efficiency
  • Helically wound bundles for low pressure drop, high flow capacity
  • Compact design offers a space-saving point-of-use solution
  • Internal and external epoxy powder coat offers durable protection
  • Modular connections reduce leak points and simplify installation
  • No oxygen is lost due to proprietary membrane design
  • MDS models feature a digital purge control which eliminates the waste of sweep air to save energy

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