Reliability and punctuality of operation are key demands with passenger and freight rolling stock today, in an industry where safety and performance are of greatest importance.

Whether you are a train passenger or a shipper of interstate cargo, you both expect smooth transportation to your destination. This is possible because of the availability of clean compressed air, which powers most of the vital functions that run the industry. High-quality, compressed air is critical to smooth and safe operations. The machinery in this industry should be able to withstand harsh weather conditions, high humidity, dust, debris, and vibration. It should be designed for long service life in the locomotive industry.

Compressed air is essential for railway applications, such as:

The award-winning NxHE Series offers several benefits over a traditional single-stage air compressor. Power efficiency has been maximized with FS-Curtis’ exclusive profile air end, centrifugal fan, and generously sized components. The NxHE Series exclusively features eCool™ Technology, which protects critical components from compressor-generated heat, thereby extending component life and reducing downtime. This state-of-the-art technology also boasts the lowest life-cycle cost of any compressor on the market.

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