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What Is Energy Waste Costing You?

Comp-Air Service auditing is technically suited and current in all our auditing tools. We follow the guidelines set forth by the Department of Energy and the Compressed Air Challenge in determining ways to save you money. Our air system audit tools get you real-time and the most accurate data possible on your compressed air system. This data will help determine a path to cost-saving solutions and we will develop a comprehensive and mutually agreed-upon implementation plan from the facts gathered.

Walkthrough, Assessment, and Audit are the three levels of system assessments established by the Department of Energy’s Compressed Air Challenge.


Using a systematic approach analysis combined with our tools and software, we can quickly evaluate the cost and efficiency of a compressed air system, compare multiple compressor alternatives, and calculate the investment paybacks on energy saved. This approach is a perfect tool for a system walk-through assessment as defined by the Compressed Air Challenge / DOE or to evaluate multiple alternatives after a full audit or assessment.


The assessment provides you with a real-time evaluation of your company’s compressed air usage. Our advanced equipment takes power and pressure readings as inputs, calculates the true flow output, then automatically generates a report which graphs system parameters, including airflow. We can determine low production waste, leak rates, and inappropriate compressed air usage, this is completed without any plant production interruptions. The requirements are defined by the Compressed Air Challenge and DOE.


We review your system during a compressed air audit and identify inefficiencies that create unnecessary overhead costs to your operation. Using data loggers to track energy usage, we can provide you with data to outline the maximum, average, and minimum amount of compressed air used at your facility. A detailed report will be provided to you, along with recommendations. With this information, you can now efficiently optimize your compressed air system. The requirements are defined by the Compressed Air Challenge and DOE.

Contact us today to discuss your compressed air system. We attempt to find the simplest and typically most overlooked areas that can save you operating dollars without spending any of your capital dollars.