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Oil-free Piston Compressors






OL Series

Models: OL Series
Manufacturer: FS-Curtis
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bullet5 - 15 horsepower
bullet12.3 - 104.0 acfm
bulletSimplex or duplex
bulletTank or base mount

The FS-Curtis OL Series is the ideal reciprocating oil-less air compressor for applications where critical air quality is required such as food and beverage, medical, chemical processing, pharmaceutical, electronics, and more. The environmentally friendly OL series compressor eliminates oil changes and oil disposal costs.


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Coaire Oil-less Piston

Models: S Series
Manufacturer: Coaire
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bullet1 - 7.5 horsepower
bullet16 - 114 acfm
bullet120 psi max pressure
bulletCast iron crankcase

Coaire oil-less piston compressors feature 3 micron paper inlet filter(s), mechanically pressed main bearings, reed valves designed for smooth air intake and discharge, “heat cut” piston pins for maximum heat dissipation and extended needle bearing life,  PTFE side sealer and bull rings, and a robust, cast iron crank case.


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