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Portable Air Compressors






Sullivan-Palatek D Series Compressors

Models: D Series
Manufacturer: Sullivan-Palatek
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bullet100-150 psi
bullet185-1800 cfm
bulletUnloaded starting
bulletTwo-stage filter

The Sullivan-Palatek diesel driven rotary screw air compressors range from 185-1800 cfm, with pressures from 100-150 psi. John Deere and Caterpillar diesel engines are available in most models. Ask about our large selection of available skid mounted, utility and portable models.


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CompAir  C Series

Models: C Series
Manufacturer: CompAir
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bulletAdjustable tow bar
bulletRotary switch start
bulletHinged hood
bullet30 models available

A wide variety of users rely on CompAir C Series compressors when there is a demand for portable compressed air. All models have easy access for operation and routine maintenance as standard across the range with well located control panels and simple lift off canopies or large access doors.


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CompAir Turboscrew

Models: Turbo Screw
Manufacturer: CompAir
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bulletEasy to transport
bulletFuel savings up to 30%
bulletCummins diesel engine
bullet11 models available

TurboScrew is a compression system with
a radically new approach to energy conservation. It uses a Cummins turbo assisted engine powering a new CompAir screw compressor unit with the addition of an engine exhaust gas driven turbine pre-compressing the suctioned inlet air before it enters the compression chamber.


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