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Natural Gas Compressors






FS-Curtis NG

Models: NG Series
Manufacturer: FS-Curtis

bulletUp to 300 psig

FS-Curtis entered into the natural gas business in the 1980s. The FS-Curtis NG Series is used to boost natural gas from the well head into natural gas pipelines. FS-Curtis NG Series compressors are capable of boosting gas up to a maximum of 300 PSIG.


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Hycomp Two Stage Gas Compressor

Models: Gas
Manufacturer: hycomp
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bullet1,2 and 3 stage
bullet1.5-75 HP
bullet10-600 SCFM
bulletUp to 3000 PSIG

Hycomp oil free gas compressors are capable of delivering a wide range of flows at pressures from a few psig to over 1,000 psig. Hycomp’s modular compressor design is unique in our size range. Our adaptability allows us to manufacture a compressor that fits your specific needs, from our stock supply of standard frames, cylinders and heads.


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