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Champion Compressors



CompAir Lubricants

Type: Rotary Screw
Manufacturer: CompAir

bulletSynthetic PAO/POE
bulletSynthetic PAO
bulletSemi-synthetic PAO
bulletHigh temp PAO/POE
bulletMineral oil blend

Whether your application requires a high temperature lubricant or one that meets the FDA’s food grade requirements, CompAir’s variety of rotary screw lubricants are specially formulated to excel in every application.


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Hydrovane Lubricants

Type: Rotary Screw & Vane
Manufacturer: Hydrovane

bulletPolyalphaolefin/ester blend
bulletSynthetic PAG
bulletHigh temperature
bulletFood grade

Superior quality lubricant is essential in maintaining a compressor's performance. Hydrovane lubricants can help reduce energy consumption, eliminate varnish and provide more rapid condensate separation.


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Champion Lubricants

Type: Rotary Screw
Manufacturer: Champion

bulletSynthetic PAO
bulletFood grade PAO
bulletSemi-synthetic PAO

Champion rotary screw lubricants offer excellent condensate oil/water separation and outstanding thermal and oxidation stability, while minimizing varnish formation.


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Comp-Air Lubricant

Type: Rotary Screw
Manufacturer: Comp-Air
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bulletCustom synthetic PAG
bulletOEM compatible
bulletFlush not required

CAO-46 GR is Comp-Air’s own custom blended, premium synthetic lubricant for rotary screw compressors. CAO-46 GR is formulated to be completely compatible with virtually all OEM polyalkylene glycol (PAG) compressor fluids.


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Champion Lubricants

Type: Reciprocating
Manufacturer: Champion

bulletCustom blend
bulletUSDA H-1 food grade

Champion created ChampLub compressor lubricants specifically formulated for piston compressors. The right lubricant is vital for efficient operation and ChampLub eliminates the unnecessary additives found in multi-purpose lubricants.


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