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Coolers & Heat Exchangers

Thermal Transfer





Thermal Transfer Aftercooler

Manufacturer: Thermal Transfer
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bulletEnergy Efficient
bulletCompact Designs
bulletAluminum or copper tube

Thermal Transfer Products manufactures air to air aftercoolers, water to air aftercoolers, and air to oil lube oil coolers for air compressor applications in both catalog and custom OE models. Our high quality products provide outstanding cooling performance in rotary screw, piston and centrifugal air compressors, as well as vacuum systems and blower lube oil coolers.


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Basco Heat Exchangers

Manufacturer: Basco
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bulletCarbon, stainless, copper
bulletU-tube exchangers
bulletHub-design exchangers
bulletType OP exchangers

Basco Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers have filled virtually every heat transfer need in the sixty plus years the company has been in existence.  The Basco Type 500 still remains the industry standard in ultimate value and long-term reliability.  And, our experienced design and engineering staff stand ready to bring the best team with the best tools in the industry to your custom heat transfer challenge.


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