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Process Chillers







Manufacturer: MTA
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bulletMicroprocessor control
bulletHermetic compressor
bullet3.6-84.7 gpm
bullet1.5-35.3 ton capacity

The new TAEevo air cooled chillers, specifically designed for use in industrial applications, are compact units equipped, as standard, with an internal storage tank and pump, offering a tried and tested solution that has received worldwide acclaim.  TAEevo chillers guarantee EER energy efficiency levels at the top of the category.


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Manufacturer: HydroThrift
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bulletClosed Loop Evaporative
bulletOpen Loop Evaporative
bulletClosed Loop Dry
bulletCustom Systems

Whether using evaporative, dry air, shell and tube, or plate and frame heat exchangers, or a combination of cooling methods, HydroThrift can fulfill virtually any customer's industrial cooling need with an appropriate closed loop system. All HydroThrift systems are designed as packaged components to facilitate on-site installation.


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